Earthquake Safety - What is the relation of Richter scale and earthquake intensity?

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Earthquake Safety - What is the relation of Richter scale and earthquake intensity?


1. Seismographs show only when earthquakes occur on a scale of 0 to 1.9 Richter.

2. On 2 to 2.9 Richter scale there is mild vibration when earthquake occurs.

3. An earthquake on a 3 to 3.9 Richter scale has the effect if a truck passes by you.

4. An earthquake on a 4 to 4.9 Richter scale can break windows. Hanging frames can fall on walls.

5. On a scale of 5 to 5.9 Richter, furniture can move when an earthquake occurs.

6. On 6 to 6.9 Richter scale, the foundation of buildings can collapse when an earthquake occurs. Upper floors may suffer damage.

7. Buildings collapse when earthquakes occur on a 7 to 7.9 Richter scale. Pipes burst inside the ground.

8. 8 to 8.9 Large bridges, including buildings, also fall when the earthquake is on the Richter scale.

9. Complete destruction due to earthquake on Richter scale of 9 and above. If someone is standing in the ground, he will be seen waving the earth. Tsunami if the sea is near.

10. In an earthquake, each scale of the Richter scale is 10 times stronger than the previous scale.

What to do when an earthquake strikes, what not to do?

1. Immediately after quake, leave the house, school or office and go to the open ground. Stay away from big buildings, trees, electric poles etc.

2. Use the stairs instead of the lift to go outside.

3. Do not run if you are stuck somewhere. This will have more impact of earthquake.

4. In case of earthquake, move away from heavy items kept in windows, cupboards, fans, so that they do not get hurt due to falling and broken glass.

5. If you cannot get out, then go under the strong furniture like tables, beds, desks and hold its legs tightly so that it does not slide away from the shaking.

6. If there is no strong thing, then sit on the knee by covering the delicate part of the body like head, hands etc. with a thick book or any strong thing, by touching a strong wall.

7. Do not stand near the opening and closing of the door, otherwise it may cause a chat.

8. If you are in a car, stop the car on the roadside or open, away from buildings, hoardings, poles, flyovers, bridges etc. and wait till the earthquake stops.

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