DOG GREETING BEHAVIOR 👋🏻🐶 How Dogs Greet Dogs & Humans

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🐩🐕 Do you know how dogs greet each other? What about how dogs greet humans? The greeting itself is a ceremonial behavior or ritual that all dogs perform, an action firmly embedded in their species genetics. In this AnimalWised video we talk about the different types of dog greeting behavior and their characteristics, so you can understand how dogs greet both each other and humans. Don't miss it! 🐾 RELATED VIDEOS 🐾 How to Introduce Two Dogs 🐶 Meeting for the First Time 👉 How to UNDERSTAND Your DOG 🐶 What Are They Trying to Say? 🐾 👉 h Original article 👉 On AnimalWised you'll discover a high quality channel that's exclusively devoted to the Animal Kingdom. You'll find all sorts of content: from training, diet or beauty and everything that can be useful for you as a pet owner or animal lover. Want to become AnimalWised? Take a look and have fun with us! AnimalWised Web -
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