A Saudi woman who murdered a Bangladeshi maid is sentenced to death, husband and son will also go to jail

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A Saudi woman who murdered a Bangladeshi maid is sentenced to death, husband and son will also go to jail


Saudi Arabia News - For the first time a local woman convicted of murdering a foreign maid was sentenced to death. The guilty woman's husband and son will be punished separately. The woman killed was a resident of Bangladesh and her name was Abiron Begum. The woman who has been convicted of murder is named Ayesha Al Jigani.

According to information received by the World News superfast, Abiron went to Saudi Arabia in March 2017 through an agent. Their purpose was to earn money to give a better life to the elderly parents. The news of his death came out on 24 March 2019.

Agent had sent Saudi Arab

Due to lack of income in Bangladesh, 40-year-old Abiron was looking for work in a Gulf country. She met an agent and got the job of a maid in Saudi Arabia on the condition of commission. One of his relatives told the news agency - Abiron wanted to be the support of the elderly parents. So she went to Saudi.

The owners of the house where she used to work there started ravaging them at will. This started two weeks after starting the job. Whenever we had a phone conversation with her, she was always crying. We asked the agents to bring them back. Only dead body was found.

Mistress persecution continued

According to media reports, Abron was brutally tortured. Now Aisha, found guilty, treated her worse than animals. Her husband and son also supported it. Ayesha's husband will also have to remain imprisoned for three years. The Criminal Court of Riyadh has made it clear that no convict will be granted bail.

This decision will be precedent

Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said- We welcome the decision given by the Saudi Arabian court. He has warned owners against foreign servants. This decision will be an example.

From 1991 to March 2020, nearly 3 lakh Bangladeshi women went to Saudi Arabia for jobs. Most of them had painful tales of oppression and cruelty when they returned. In 5 years, only the dead bodies of about 70 Bangladeshi women were returned from Saudi. 50 of them committed suicide.

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