32 thousand people gathered at Sky Stadium to attend a music concert

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32 thousand people gathered at Sky Stadium to attend a music concert


New Zealand News - Auckland has been under lockdown since Monday, while another city of Wellington appeared to be submerged in celebration. In fact, the music concert took place at the 34,500 capacity Sky Stadium in the capital Wellington. The famous band Six-60 performed in it. It was named- "The biggest show on earth", which was attended by around 32,000 people.

According to information received by World News superfast, Wellington has a population of about 2.16 lakh and is the third largest city in New Zealand. That means 15 percent of the city's population was present in the concert. That too when a three-day lockdown has been imposed in the largest city with a population of 16.7 lakh.

Australia bans travel bubble

Australia has banned the travel bubble for 72 hours following the lockdown in Auckland. All aircraft arriving from New Zealand were kept in the Red Zone. At the same time, people reaching Australia are being quarantined for 14 days.

Seven new variants of Corona found in America, these are similar to Britain and African variants

Seven new variants of the corona virus have been found in the US. These new variants are developing in a similar way to the new form of Corona found in Britain and South Africa. This information has been given by American researchers based on a study. However, the researcher is not unanimous that these new variants can be as contagious as the British. But in the study, it has been fully feared that the new variants may be more contagious.

Louisiana State University virologist and study co-author Jeremy Kamil said that, it is clear that something is going on with this mutation. But scientists are skeptical about how the new mutation is entering the human cell.

Virus on paper, clothes remains alive for short days

Researchers at IIT Mumbai have said based on a study that the corona virus can survive on paper and cloth for less days than on surfaces with glass and plastic. The research has been published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

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